2 years old child

These are the main abilities and skills within the intellectual education for 2 years old children.

The cognition

The development of a child between 2 and 3 in the process of cognition consists mainly in:

  • developing curiosity,
  • active stimulation of the child’s efforts to examine, practically try and search for interesting objects,
  • leading to attend to simple details, features and attributes of objects as well as discerning the attributes, e.g. short – long, hot – cold, wet – dry, clean –dirty,
  • knowing and naming all visible body parts,
  • calling the objects of daily use and activities by name,
  • naming the familiar fruit and vegetables correctly,
  • simple targeting and matching the objects from natural environment (a tree, a flower, grass, a butterfly, a bug, a bird etc.),
  • knowing the common means of transport,
  • learning how to say own name as well as the names and surnames of the close relatives,
  • learning the natural phenomena and explaining the principles of nature protection,
  • discerning various sounds,
  • identifying familiar objects in the picture and their correlations (e.g. a butterfly – a flower, a cat – milk, a house – a tree, a car – a road).

The mathematical thinking

The child between 2 and 3 starts to create his mathematical view of the world. The parents can back up the child by:

  • leading him to assemble various cube structures,
  • leading him to sort out the objects based on the size,
  • sorting out the objects according to the four colors (red, yellow, blue, green),
  • sorting out the objects according to the four shapes (a cube, a ball, a triangular prism and a cylinder),
  • discerning objects according to their attributes (e.g. the color – the shape etc.),
  • responding to clauses which give location of things and persons (bring it here, put it on, sit down, stand up, throw away, hang it up etc.),
  • teaching to understand time perception and vocabulary (in the morning, in the evening, now, later, quickly, slowly).

The language and speech

The development of the child’s language and speech between 2 and 3 relies solely on the help of the parents and their activities to encourage speech and language development. Their task is to:

  • use mother tongue as a pattern of communication,
  • read the books with the child and name the characters, objects and activities,
  • develop the memory in a natural way and encourage the child to recall previous experiences,
  • encourage the child to concentrate on a certain activity and to complete it,
  • encourage the child to talk in various real life situations,
  • encourage the child to ask questions and provide simple answers,
  • teach the child to carry out basic orders,
  • narrate the fairy tales and short stories to the child and add pictures,
  • ensure that the child expresses himself by using words rather than gestures,
  • teach the child basic verses and encourage him to remember them.

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