How Komenio works

Using Komenio is simple, fast and free of charge. All you need is to register and fill in your child's profile.


Create an Account on Komenio

You can create a new, free account.

After creating an account, you can see your child's skills and appropriate apps anytime and anywhere.

You will not have to enter your child's info on Komenio again.

Create an Account


Fill in your Child's Profile

Fill in the information about your child required on the Add Child Form, such as age, interests, skills, etc.

Create a new subprofile via "add child" in the profile menu and use separate settings for each of your children.

Create my Child's Profile


Komenio finds the most appropriate learning games for your child

After filling in your child's profile, click the "recommend apps" button . Komenio will generate a tailored list of applications fitting your child's needs and interests.

You can download the selected apps directly from Google play or the APP Store.

Show me App list


Play and Learn
See the Improvement of your Child's Skillset

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of using new technologies to develop your child's cognitive abilities and skills.

Every time your child completes a task in the app and learns something new, you can add his/her newly gained abilities to the profile.

Let's start using Komenio

Komenio is still in BETA version. If you find any bugs or anything which doesn't work correctly, please tell us about it: report bug