List of Educational Apps for Kids Approved by Komenio

Our Catalogue includes carefully selected apps in order to help your child by developing his or hers skills and abilities.

All the apps have been checked by experts in child's eduction field.

This app helps to develop concentration, perception and logical thnking. Children set out to make a pair of pictures following a certain logic.

This app develops skills: 

This game is a collection of 12 excercises that further develop children's mathematical thinking.

This game brings you a set of 12 excercises that test and develop children's mathematical and logical thinking.

A set of excercises that test and develop children's logical and mathematical thinking.

This app is developing mathemathical thinking and creativity.

This game helps to further develop children's perception and logical thinking.

This app develops skills: 

Playing this game children will understand the basic mathematical operations like addition and substraction with numbers 0 to 10.

Another game from the Bugs and Buttons series.

This game is a great help when developing children's mathematical and logical thinking.

Game with a set of 10 mathematical excercises that test colour and shape recognition, numbers form 1 to 6, patterns or sizes, etc. In each excercis

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