About us

Komenio is a revolutionary way to combine entertainment with a child’s healthy cognitive development. Based on basic information about your child, we give you a unique selection of applications that improves desired skills.

Applications are chosen by recognized education experts and specialists in psychology who understand the needs and thinking of children of all ages. That’s how we can help your child to improve his or herability to recognize numbers, letters, words, shapes or colours. All of this is done in a playful way, so kids don't realize that it's educational.

Anna FalátováAnna Falátová

Anna has worked in the field of child education her whole life. She has gained broad experience while working as a teacher, and later on as a director, in a nursery school. She follows the latest trends in child rearing and education and uses modern technology in her teaching.
She brings her expertise to Komenio and takes care of all the educational facets of the project.

Marcela FalátováMarcela Falátová

Marcela has always been interested in healthy childhood development. For a couple of years, she worked in a nursery school and now focuses her attention on the use of modern technology in child education and rearing. She is in charge of the monitoring and evaluation of the applications, so that only those applications that meet our strict criteria for learning through play get listed in Komenio's apps list.

Ján LaurenčíkJán Laurenčík

Ján is one of the owners of the online marketing agency, Pizza SEO. Ján has been working on various online projects for more than 10 years. As a father of three, he is very excited about the opportunity his children have now - to discover the world in a less traditional way via mobile technology. Ján wants to make sure that each and every child has the same opportunity as his children through the Komenio project.

Juraj FalátJuraj Falát

Juraj is a web developer with more than 10 years of experience who likes to work on meaningful projects. Juraj ensures that web Komenio works correctly and helps parents to find the best educational apps for their children easily.

Komenio is still in BETA version. If you find any bugs or anything which doesn't work correctly, please tell us about it: report bug